Keep Your Contactless Cards Safe

Message sent out on behalf of Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association by Margaret Roberts our local coordinator.

With the considerable increase in the number and the variety of cons and scams, thieves are adapting their methods to come up with new ways to steal your personal data and other information.

On most new credit or debit cards, you will see a wireless symbol which informs you that your card uses Radio Frequency Identification RFID technology. This allows you to simply tap your card on card-readers to make payments of up to £30.

However, this comes with security risks, as criminals can create an RFID reader with minimal effort and steal your details. They can also download an app onto their Smartphones to achieve the same results. They only need to brush past your pocket or bag with their device to do this. You might not even notice it happening.

You can prevent this with the Card Defender. This is a sleeve card holder that provides RFID  blocking technology and it protects contactless cards from being read. A similar device was demonstrated on a recent edition of BBC TV’s ‘Rip of Britain’.

It is recommended that everyone carrying a contactless card should have a Card Defender. This also applies to Oyster cards and students’ ID cards.

Card Defenders are now available from Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association 

1 Card Defender – £ 1 plus 64 p postage = £ 1.64

5 Card Defenders – £ 4 plus 64 p postage = £ 4.64

10 Card Defenders – £ 7 plus 64 p postage = £ 7.64

To order please forward your cheque (made payable to TV NHWA) for the amount you select to Naomi Arnold, 12 Freemans Close, Stoke Poges, Bucks  SL2 4ER 

For further information contact 

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