The Charney Hall and Field Trust (CHAFT) is managed by trustees who are all residents of Charney Bassett.

The trustees are a mix of representatives appointed by village organizations and elected residents.  Trustees come up for re-election or reappointment every year at the AGM (usually in June).  All adult residents of Charney Bassett are entitled to vote at the AGM.  The trustees can co-opt other villagers onto the management committee in a non-voting capacity.

The officers of the Trust (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) are elected by the trustees at their first meeting after the AGM.

TRUSTEES 2019-2020

Name Representation Current Officers
Lucy Gildersleeves St Peter’s PCC Rep. Chair
David Sibbert Table Tennis Club Rep. Vice Chair
Christine Trotman Village College Rep. Treasurer
Mary Castle Parish Council Rep.(1)
Evelyn Campbell Parish Council Rep.(2)
Philippa McRobert Elected member
Helen Royan Elected member
Diane Ewart Elected member

Non-voting appointed officers

Kate Belcher (Secretary)

John Wright (Hall Bookings)

Bruce Royan (Field Safety Inspection)

Peter Busby (Woodland Project)