The village of Charney Bassett lies in open country beside the meandering river Ock. It is situated in the north of the Vale of White Horse, in Gainfield Hundred, and there has been a settlement here since Anglo-Saxon times. The earliest surviving record shows there was a grant of lands to the Abbot of Abingdon Abbey in 811 AD. The land originally was largely marsh and the meaning of ‘Charney’ is Cearn-isle or island beside the river Cearn.

More about the history of the village and its past activities can be found on the Charney Bassett history website  (history.charneybassett.org.uk).

Today, the village is an active, vibrant community committed to conserving the character of the village and providing well maintained amenities and services. Examine the community-led plan for more information.

Browse this website and keep up to date with Parish Council business and the management of our village hall and playing field. Learn about a wide range of local organisations and activities. You can also find ad-hoc information on a variety of things; walks around the village, the village defibrillator, ‘Fix my Street’ and the river level of the Ock to name just a few, and if you are new to the village, our  Welcome to Charney Bassett-Guide.

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