Charney Bassett Action Group (CBAG)

After an unprecedented number of Building proposals/applications submitted for development within/around our village in early 2013, it was decided by a considerable number of residents to establish the “Charney Bassett Action Group” (better known as CBAG), to challenge all proposals/applications deemed to be unsuitable both in size, type and location.

With the support of our Parish Council, Vale of White Horse Planning and our MP Ed Vaizey, this action group successfully challenged two major development proposals/applications as well as successfully lobbying for our Village to be reclassified to “Open Countryside” under the new VWH Local Plan and in doing so protecting the villages future against further uncontrolled/unsuitable development being built.

CBAG established a very good reputation as a very active group of residents who took on it’s challenges in a very structured and effective manner always supported by a high % of residents. To date being the only village/town in the Vale of White Horse to have won each of the challenges it has taken on and gained much respect by others who have adopted many of the same practises.

Although very successful since it’s establishment and with no current activity necessary we all know the future will hold further challenges so by unanimous agreement “CBAG” is to remain available to any future challenge where action is needed whether it be in respect of the entire village or groups/individuals within the village.

Our email address is or please phone Steve & Sue Champion on 07526 508500 if anyone feels there is a need to “wake up the sleeping giant”.