Up to 2016/17 the Parish Council was subject to an annual audit by external auditors (in addition to its own internal audit). Parish Councils with income or expenditure less than £25,000 are now no longer subject to external audit. Charney Bassett falls well below this threshold.

The Parish Council is nevertheless required to advertise its annual accounts for public inspection each year. These (and its governance procedures) are subject to internal audit. Relevant documents for the last financial year are published here.

Public Notice (Reg 15/2)–Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2021-22

Certificate of Exemption from External Audit 2021-22

Annual Internal Audit Report 2021-22

Internal Auditor letter 9th May 2022

Annual Governance Statement 2021-2122

Accounting Statements 2021-22

Charney Bassett PC Risk Assessment 2022-23

Information for previous years (from 2014/15 onward) are provided in the Clerk’s Financial report to the May meeting of the relevant year and can be found under Agendas, Minutes & Reports. For any details prior to 2014-15 please contact the Clerk