Charney Bassett History Group

The new Charney Bassett History website was launched on the 19th September 2016.

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In early 2014 the Parish Council appointed a communications team to:

  • produce the village newsletter Charney Chatter on a monthly (rather than the previous bi-monthly basis)
  • introduce an email management system to enable the Chatter to be circulated electronically and facilitate the circulation of interim messages
  • develop the re-launched Parish Council website.

After a successful introductory period residents’ views were sought on future developments. This resulted in an investigation into if and how these recently introduced communication channels might be utilised to help record information about the history and past activities of the village.

An exploratory meeting of interested residents was held in late 2015 followed by an inaugural meeting in January 2016, attended by ten local residents.
A village history group was formed operating on a less formal basis than a Society with the objective of utilising the Charney Chatter, email management system and the village website to help promote the work of the Group, record appropriate information and provide a signpost to other sources of relevant information.
The Group quickly realised that a separate website would be necessary to record the vast amount of information and photographs to hand. The Parish Council approved such an initiative in July 2016.