The Parish Council is not the local planning authority. The Vale of White Horse District Council is responsible for most local planning matters and determines the majority of planning applications. Oxfordshire County Council also has some responsibility, but only for minerals and waste issues.

The Parish Council is consulted by both Councils on planning applications submitted in Charney Bassett and may also be interested in development in nearby areas – particularly those that may increase through traffic in the village. It is also consulted on policy documents including Local Plans.


The District and County Councils both prepare Local Plans and these provide the main guidance on where development should, and should not, take place.

Parish Councils are able to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.

Charney Bassett started to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan but in 2015, when it became clear that the village was to be designated as ‘open countryside’ in the District Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan was abandoned in favour of a Community-Led Plan which was adopted in 2017 and is taken into account in the determination of planning applications. Applicants are therefore encouraged to include measures in planning applications that might address issues raised in the Community-Led Plan.

The Parish Council has adopted a policy to guide the way in which any payments received under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) should be spent. The priority is for spending on road safety measures, as highlighted in the Community-Led Plan. The Parish Council’s aims and objectives might also be relevant.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council normally has 21 days to respond to the Vale Council when consulted on a planning application. Applicants wishing to discuss proposals with the Parish Council as part of the pre-application process should first contact the Parish Clerk.

Where possible, consultation responses to formal applications will be considered at a full meeting of the Parish Council (see timetable of meetings). Where this is not possible, Parish Councillors can express comments individually and a coordinated response is authorised by the Chair (see Standing Orders).

The District Council normally notifies residents who may be affected by a planning application so, to avoid confusion, the Parish Council will not normally do this. When submitting comments to the District Council, residents may still wish to send a copy to the Parish Council as this can help with the formulation of its response.

A record of recent planning applications in Charney Bassett can be found in the Charney Bassett Planning Register. Details of plans and relevant documents, including those for earlier years, can be found at –

Not all new development needs planning permission. This is for the District Council to decide. But it should be remembered that building work can cause disturbance – albeit temporary. So, even where planning permission is not required, neighbours might still appreciate some notification before any work starts.

Unauthorised Development

 The District Council has powers to take action against development undertaken without a necessary planning permission. The circumstances in which these powers may be used are set out in its Enforcement Policy.

Concerns about unauthorised development can be reported to the Vale Council using an on-line form (this requires personal contact details to be provided). Alternatively, you can speak to the Parish Council who will consider whether or not to submit a report to the District Council itself.


Updated 11 March 2024