From your local MP – David Johnston

I’m very grateful to the companies that have offered work experience to local young people so far as part of my work experience campaign. They’re from a range of different sectors and highlight the depth and breadth of employment opportunities – and creativity – across the constituency. I have been hosting the young people interested in politics myself – 6 so far – and, given what has been happening in recent weeks, they’ve seen some quite eventful times in Westminster, albeit still at a bit of a distance. It’s clear lots of organisations have got out of the habit of providing work experience as a result of Covid, so if your organisation can help, please do get in touch: I’m arranging placements for October half-term.
You might have seen a debate in parliament has been renamed the Sir David Amess Summer Adjournment Debate. This debate happens just before we go on summer recess and allows us to raise any issues of relevance to our constituencies. Sir David’s contribution was always a tour de force as he could get 30 or so topics into a 4-minute speech, so naming the debate in his memory is a fitting tribute.
For what it’s worth, I didn’t manage anything like 30 topics. I managed to get in a few, including the Didcot Good Neighbour Scheme and my campaigns on GP surgeries, Grove Station, building homes to the latest environmental standards and the Local Electricity Bill, as well as problems constituents have been having with passports and driving licenses (and a couple of other things). But as I said as I started, none of us can get close to what he used to do in that debate.
Recess is its usual mixture of activity: surgery appointments across the constituency and visits to local businesses and charities, alongside attending summer events and the usual casework, door-knocking and planning for the autumn. It’s good to be able to spend a lot more time at home in Didcot – even if it is as hot as it is! – but contrary to what some people suggest, it’s far from a 5-week holiday. I am getting to read more than I usually get to when parliament is sitting, which I very much miss most of the year, and I will have a week abroad for a holiday, but few of us down tools.
By the time I write the next piece we’ll know who the next Prime Minister is. Based on the conversations I’ve been having, I suspect the race is closer than people expect. Whoever wins has a big set of challenges facing them, starting with the cost of living, particularly energy. While I don’t know exactly what each candidate will do if they win, I know whoever does will take further action to support people as every one of us realises how difficult things are.
As ever, if there is anything I can do to help then do please email me via

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