Charney Bassett Neighbourhood Planning Group

The Charney Bassett Neighbourhood Planning Group Needs your help.

We need to work on building a group of ambassadors for the Neighbourhood Plan.  We need to strive to achieve.

1.  Inclusion -to get as many people as possible to contribute and complete surveys.

We need to ensure responses come from all parts of the village and a good cross section of age groups as well.

2. Volunteers – we need a lot more people.  Again we should target every part of the village.  This will help to spread the word and also answer questions with neighbours.

We need volunteers to help with canvassing.  This is so much easier if only approaching houses who are your close neighbours.

So we need people from, the top end of Longworth Road, the houses around the Village Green, Barn Close, and the Parish Church end of the High street.

The CB Neighbourhood Planning group only meets on Friday, as required, between the hours of 6 pm and 7 pm.

If you feel you can contribute one hour of your time, on average once a fortnight, then please contact Neil Dobson on 01235 868119 or email

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