So here are the locations of the bears, as far as we know. Helpful Map Here. Do you know of any more?

1 Barnfield.

2 Barnfield, upstairs window, small one! now joined by another 56 year old pal bear!

3 Barnfield, upstairs window, 55 years old!, and Oscar the cat in a wineglass at the stairs window.

5 Barnfield

Wick Cottage, two celebrating important birthdays!

Manor Farm Barn, The Green, a bear and a small Aussie Koala!

15 Orchard Close,Batman Bear,

Edgar at 6 Orchard Close

8 Orchard Close, one upstairs, one downstairs!

4 Orchard Close

2 Orchard Close

11 Orchard Close, Homer and Hope Greyhounds looking out for you from upstairs window.

33 New Rd —  64, 34 and 32 years old bears! and a lot more small creatures, very patriotic!

32 New Rd

22 New Rd, Bear with PJs

A very big one! Mill Hill

Primrose Villa, a white one!

Llanreath, a very very small one!

Buckland Rd, Old Walls, see the Bear from the footpath!

Field View, tucked in the front window! Actually a unicorn – but we so love it!

Superbear! Conkers, New Rd, all in the pink!

Wayside, Buckland Rd, a party of 5, 3 of them are 68 yrs old, 1 is 64 and the youngest is 18 yrs old.

The Chequers!

Bear Cottage, this is a very special permanent wooden bear outside the house, celebrating the name of his house!

Moomin the Bear, Home Close, Main Street, tricky to see from the road, a long drive!

Hillside, Main St.

Gable End, New Rd, 2 bears, upstairs!

Malia, Longworth Rd, 2 bears, upstairs, with flags!

Byways, Ruth and Chloe’s bears!

Heatherstone, Longworth Rd

Camden House


Two bears at Threeways!

A bear in a wineglass, The White House on the Green

Rectory Farmhouse, bears having tea.