Face Masks for Charity

Julie Ingram-Johnson has been busy using her sewing talents to make face masks. She wondered if Charney residents would be interested in viewing them and perhaps selecting one with a donation to the children’s hospice.

The masks are available to view on a table in the carport of Gunton Barn (last house on the right at the top of the Green).

Photograph of masks

All Face Masks have been made with washed, new fabrics. There are three layers – fabric designed outer layer, flannel middle layer and a close weave reverse layer – new, thin elastic loops to hold masks behind the ears or pulled to the back of the head and clipped (the latter may be more comfortable for people with glasses or hearing aids).
The masks will fit adults but Julie will make children’s masks if asked.

Please support the Acorns Children’s Hospices by giving a donation in the collection box for your mask.

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