Charney Manor – Proposed new Dining Hall

Residents were able to attend the Manor on Saturday 18th November to hear about the plans that the trustees are developing for a new dining facility at the Manor.

The Dining Hall will almost certainly be a detached building and the trustees’ preferred location is on the site of the disused tennis court.

Janet McDougall (architect) made clear in her presentation that views from residents would be welcome so they can be taken into account when the plans are finalised and submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council in the form of a planning application.

The Parish Council has already expressed views on the plans and their letter can be found here [web link]. Whilst sympathetic to the need put forward for a new dining facility, the Parish Council has raised some potential concerns, including design (the building is to include a large area of flat roof) and whether it will be used for separate functions.

Comments can be sent directly to the trustees architect and a copy to the Parish Clerk

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