Charney Defibrillator

DEFIBRILLATOR – “It is really awesome what the community of Charney have achieved. I have been so pleased to be a part of it” (Erica Cowley South Central Ambulance Service) 

On Wednesday evening 7th Jan., 20 residents attended a training session run by the South Central Ambulance Service on the use of the defibrillator. Ian Jones, Chief Training Officer, headed the meeting, alongside colleague Erica Cowley. We were shown the current approach to first aid, as well as hands on experience and information on the use of the defibrillator. This was done at the request of people in the village for their own information but it does not mean that any of them need to be in attendance at an emergency.

In the case of a suspected heart attack, call the emergency service on 999. The Ambulance Service will take over and advise. If the defibrillator is required they will give the access number to the cabinet which is located in the telephone kiosk. Once activated the defibrillator will give clear, verbal instructions.

For those who want to remind themselves or did not attend the awareness evening more information can be found at:

A handout “Defibrillator Usage Notes” was given to participants at the awareness evening so this can be printed if needed.


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