Charney 100 Draw January 2018

The results of the draw held in the Village Hall before Pilates on Thursday 18 January 2018 are as follows:-
First Prize £25 Ticket number  6 Cassandra & Steve Higham
Second Prize £10 Ticket Number 79 Kelly Lee
Membership subscriptions are due at the beginning of April.  (Unaltered at £12 for the year)  We will start collecting towards the end of February so please expect us at your door before the end of March.  We hope that you will continue to support the 100 Club which provides funds for the maintenance of the Village Hall and Playing Field.
Last year we collected £1505  which includes £53 for subscriptions from members who joined during the previous year. The sum of £575 was needed for prizes in the current year and £930 handed over to CHAFT.
Mahala and David
Charney 100 Club Organisers

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